The World's Greatest Injustice Continues

The lingering effects of the Atlantic slave trade, colonial oppression, colonial heir land ownership, and the international extraction of precious minerals all contribute to the current crisis in Africa. Governments ripe with corruption, under-regulated informal sector management, and tainted elections must be overcome in order to end widespread poverty.

Ineffective International Aid 

Billions of dollars pour into the accounts of NGOs in Africa each year, and yet the lives of the average African does not improve. None of the billionaire foundations are willing to fund projects that focus on the root of the problems facing the African people. There is not one charity in Africa that dares to even mention words like poverty, corruption, or oppression. They all treat only the symptoms of the underlying issues..

Solutions Based Revolution

The Saving Africa organization has formulated solutions that will end the problem of high unemployment rates in Africa and that will lift working Africans from the depth of poverty. It is time for a revolution of sorts. The revolution we envision will not require guns or violence. It shall be a technologically driven suite of solutions. 

A New Champion For Africa

Michael Kitterman has a long history of developing ground breaking solutions that have improved the lives of millions of Americans. He is now a philanthropist committing his life to fulfill his vow of using those same skills to lift the people of Africa from the depths of poverty, or die trying. He is the lead software engineer of our framework. Michael Kitterman has the the ability, the experience, and the plan.

Continent-wide Unification is Vital

Your participation is essential. There is strength in numbers. Saving Africa requests only that you become an anonymous member of the framework. Your name and information will be kept entirely confidential. Your level of activity is entirely optional. We need your membership to:

     -Show a strength in numbers
     -Provide you with important information
     -Inform you of our progress

Those who choose to become involved will gain access to an advanced technology platform where the improvements will occur. Your level of platform participation can range from offering your vote or opinion, to a full leadership role in your community. 

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