Our Previous Work

Between 2018 - 2022 our work was primarily focused on developing IT solutions for law enforcement. We successfully completed nearly a dozen projects, providing law enforcement with a suite of tools to better fight crime. 

Our Work Today:

Our humanitarian projects in the Mission District of San Francisco continue to be ongoing. Beginning in 2023 we have turned a great deal of our attention to the issue of poverty in Africa. After extensive data gathering we have identified the largest contributing factors responsible for the widespread poverty, and have formulated several revolutionary strategies that we are confident will result in the lifting of the people of Africa from the depths of poverty. Innovative technology will be at the heart of each project including the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and machine learning. We have already developed software that we plan to use for mass communication in a way that the world has never seen before and on an unprecedented scale. One intervention that we shall undertake will allow governments to reimagine current policy and to better understand the profound benefits that come with more sincere effort to enforce existing labor laws that will:

• Reduce unemployment
• Increase worker wages
• Reduce poverty rates
• Provide a new tax base
• Increase government funding
• Increase government worker wages
• Reduce government corruption
• Improve public health
• Reduce infant mortality rate
• Improve trust in government
• Promote democracy
• Lower tariff fees on imported goods
• Decrease labor court caseloads
• Accelerate national development
• Decrease crime rates
• Improve access to education
• Increase and improve public benefits and services  

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