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The mission of Saving Africa is to eliminate the lingering after-effects of former injustices incurred by the nations and people of Africa. 

Early History


The early history of our organization.


Frequently asked questions

  • Q: How is Saving Africa different than other NGOs, Foundations, or charities that claim to be helping out in Africa? 

    A: Nearly all other organizations in Africa are reluctant to even mention words like "poverty", "exploitation", "corruption," or "oppression". This is because there is no other organization that has the courage to take on those issues. NGOs there only treat the symptoms of those issues. We are fighting against the actual problems that are at the root of Africa's woes.  .

  • Q: Why did your organization stop making tools to improve law enforcement in America? 

    A: We decided at the onset that we would focus our information technology talents where we could do the most good. After providing law enforcement agencies across America with over one dozen innovative tools to aid in law enforcement, we feel we have completed our goals in that area of focus. 

  • Q: Has the organization relocated or moved their offices?

    A: No. We still have an office in San Francisco, CA, our headquarters in Antioch, CA, and our office in Nairobi, Kenya.  

  • Q: Africa is far from your headquarters. Why are you working there?

    A: After studying the general situation that exists throughout Africa, we decided that the continent is the most in need of outside intervention. The world has learned to ignore the widespread poverty that the world is responsible for causing there, and instead continue the greedy pillaging of the natural resources of the most abundant continent on the planet. We are developing technology that will reverse the effects of many years of slavery, colonialism, and oppression in Africa at the hands of international corporate interests.
  • Q: What are the goals you wish to accomplish in Africa and how do you expect to accomplish them. ?

    A: We shall educate and inform governments in Africa that enforcement of existing worker's rights laws against domestic small sized employer violators is crucial to reducing poverty and creating a new tax base for government that will eliminate need for corruption or reliance on international investments. We shall build and maintain a revolutionary software platform built upon the latest innovations in machine logic that is capable of forming and advancing a continent wide movement of united Africans who seek more democratically committed governments and the re-imagining of colonial era legislation. 

Our Founder

Michael (Moses) Kitterman
Portrait of our founder

"While babies are dying of starvation we shall remain a failed species."

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